Inflammation – Everything You Need To Know


What Is Inflammation?

The inflammatory response is a normal, natural, and necessary reaction of our body in response to injury or insult. The typical symptoms of inflammation are heat, swelling, pain and redness. This reaction encourages increased blood flow to the region in order for our white blood cells to infiltrate and start cleaning up the mess. Once the injury has been dealt with, the inflammatory symptoms subside, and the body returns to normal immune system functioning. However – when the inflammatory symptoms do not subside – chronic inflammation ensues.

Chronic inflammation occurs when the body is being repeatedly exposed to an injury or insult. This can be from an external source, however it is common to see internal processes causing strong, ongoing inflammatory responses in the body.

In recent years inflammation has become known as the underlying cause of the majority of lifestyle diseases – prolonged stress, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, obesity and even clinical depression have all been linked with inflammation.

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