Inflammation – Everything You Need To Know


What Is Inflammation?

The inflammatory response is a normal, natural, and necessary reaction of our body in response to injury or insult. The typical symptoms of inflammation are heat, swelling, pain and redness. This reaction encourages increased blood flow to the region in order for our white blood cells to infiltrate and start cleaning up the mess. Once the injury has been dealt with, the inflammatory symptoms subside, and the body returns to normal immune system functioning. However – when the inflammatory symptoms do not subside – chronic inflammation ensues.

Chronic inflammation occurs when the body is being repeatedly exposed to an injury or insult. This can be from an external source, however it is common to see internal processes causing strong, ongoing inflammatory responses in the body.

In recent years inflammation has become known as the underlying cause of the majority of lifestyle diseases – prolonged stress, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, obesity and even clinical depression have all been linked with inflammation.

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Stress – What Impact Does It Has On Us?

Stress – What Impact Does It Has On Us? Stress is a physiological reaction by the body in response to a real or perceived threat. Everyone today is living very busy, fast-paced, & filled-to-the-brim lives, with seemingly never-ending to-do lists. Being in a state of stress puts our bodies into the sympathetic nervous system state, […]

Digital Technology and Children’s Health

Posture, Breathing and Health

Faulty breathing behaviour is something we see frequently in clinic! It can be both the cause and effect of poor posture. Given breathing is something we really can’t avoid… well not for too long anyway… it is a very important aspect of your health, especially when dealing with spinal related disorders.

Posture & Digital Stress – AKA ‘Text Neck’

Text Neck, it’s the modern day epidemic. How is your phone changing your posture? Right now you’re probably hunched over it, or a tablet, or slumping at the desk to read this off your computer!

Bad Posture – What does it say about you?

Posture is more than just a bunch of reflexive muscle actions and the anatomy of your skeletal system. Your posture is in part an outward projection of your emotional state!

Posture & Pain – A vicious cycle.

Did you know that postural misalignment predicts future pain and injury, but is also a consequence of previous pain and injury. Your bad posture can lead to a myriad of different pain syndromes including, rotator cuff injury, headache, neck tension, carpal tunnel like syndrome, golfers elbow etc. That’s just in the upper limb. It can also influence low back pain, ankle strains, […]

Can you change your posture?

Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words…  Check out the amazing changes we have seen in some of our recent patient’s posture.

Posture – It’s more than you can see!

When we talk about ‘Posture’ the quick assumption to make is that we are merely talking about the idea of whether you stand up straight and tall, head up and shoulders back. While this is a most important part of the story it really does not give us insight into the whole truth of what […]

Chiropractic – Why results are dose dependant

Click here to listen to my latest video blog or just read on to see why you may be missing on out on the full benefits of your chiropractic care. Chiropractic adjustments just like medication need to be administered at the correct dose for the full therapeutic benefit.  Read more